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Our Mission

We strive to assist our neighbors and communities to prepare for any disasters that come our way. Hurricanes are a fact of life in south Louisiana; so we have taken the yoke to prepare ourselves to assist our communities.

We serve our communities through helping others learn to be more prepared. We work with our local emergency responders as a “force multiplier” to free up our police and first responders to do their jobs when disaster strikes.

We believe that we should prepare our families; our neighbors; and our communities. This is a grass roots effort. We believe that by teaching people to be more self-sufficient in the event of an emergency, we can help our community as a whole.

Preparedness is our central ideology. Being prepared lets us become more confident when we face the uncertainties of events like storms, fires, or terror attacks. By helping others become more prepared, we are able to help them overcome the feelings of helplessness that follow these events.

Our members are trained in how to respond to the physical and emotional needs of survivors of disasters (both natural and man-made).

Even FEMA has admitted that you are on your own during the first 72 hours following an event. Are you ready?