You are the militia. Everyone is welcome, however we do get many questions about joining the militia. Here are some of the most common.

Is it legal to have a Militia?

Yes, it’s codified into law and part of both the State laws and the Federal Constitutions. Louisiana Revised Statute 29:3 – Militia

A. All able-bodied persons between the ages of seventeen and sixty-four residing in this state and who are not exempt by the laws of the United States of America or of this state constitute the militia of Louisiana and are subject to military duty.

Am I’m too old?

Nope, never too old. We have positions for everyone. We need people to help organize staff, make phone calls, write letters, help with the field kitchen, set up radio nets and with training.

Am I too young?

You are never too young to start learning how to be self sufficient through response skills and firearm safety. To actively join the militia and participate in all training exercises, you must be 18 years of age or 16 with a member parent’s written release.

What if I’m not not in good shape?

No matter what shape you are in physically, you are needed. You will be surprised at how quickly you will lose weight, gain endurance and muscle with the quarterly training exercises.

I have a criminal background. Can I still join?

You can come out to training only when we will not have weapons present or as part of training. If you have no felonies, then you can train. Run-ins with the law, DUI’s and being a mouthy kid and such are OK but again no felonies on your record.

Will my involvement be kept in anonymity?

There are several levels of involvement. It is entirely possible for someone to be extremely active in the militia and no one will be the wiser. No one talks about who attends meetings to anyone else. You will find most militia members expect and honor personal privacy. However, we are a very public facing organization. We do not hide in the shadows. We actively work with our local emergency response agencies when called upon.

Also, if you are an active member, the number of people who know your full name is minimal. We do not encourage underground cells, it’s hard to be of help to your community by not being known. You will be surprised at the quality and character of people active in the Militia.

What about ethnic or religious background, does it matter?

ALL races, colors, religions, and creeds are accepted. NO ONE will be harassed because of such, we are all the same, Patriots! Everyone is given the same respect. No speeches or preaching or even talk regarding the inferiority of any other race, creed, religion, etc. will be tolerated.

Does it matter if I’m female?

We welcome women to the organization. Men and women are accepted equally in the militia.

Will I fit in?

Yes, everyone is welcome. You would be surprised to find your common concerns are shared with many of our members. The more active you are will help you fit right in.

How do I join?

Be recommended by a current member, come to a meeting, state your desire to join. You will be allowed to join as a recruit for a period of 60 days to determine if this is what you want and to give the Guard the opportunity to ensure you are not disqualified by the By-Laws. You may also reach out to us at our recruiting email address on the contact page for more information.

Make it known to a current member that you wish to join. The command staff and senior NCO’s will then have a brief private meeting to discuss and then vote you in. Then you take the Oath and become a Member of the Cajun Guard.

Are there any dues?

There is an annual due of $120.00 paid by each member (this averages out to $10.00 a month). This helps cover the cost of training facilities, manuals, etc. At no time is any member of the Cajun Guard paid to perform any duties. 100% of all dues collected are used for the group as a whole.

The Cost in joining the Militia is in your acquiring the Uniforms, Head gear, Packs, Boots, Field Jackets, sleeping bag, response gear, a radio etc. That are needed by you for in the field, and during training. These items, don’t have to be bought on day one, but you will need to acquire them over the next year to 18 months.

What if I don’t know how to shoot, maneuver, or even set up a tent?

We teach you about firearm safety, shooting, survival, tactics, working as a team and a whole lot more, learning is fun and important. Do not feel intimidated by a limited knowledge with survival, disaster response, guns, military items, etc. We were all in that same position at one time or another, we are glad to share our knowledge if you are willing to learn.

I have never been active in any type of disaster response. Can you show me what to do?

Absolutely! We offer extensive training internally as well as through partnerships with organizations such as the local Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT).

Can I bring a friend along to the meetings?

Yes, we work on the buddy team concept, and having a close friend or family member makes this system work even better.

The Louisiana laws and the US Constitutions both say: you are a part of the Louisiana unorganized militia, that is the law. So why aren’t you active and training?