Who We Are

The Cajun Guard is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that was founded with the goal of assisting our communities during mass emergencies. We are a legally registered corporation in the State of Louisiana.

We are a local militia – in the truest sense of the word. Britannica defines a militia as a “military organization of citizens with limited military training, which is available for emergency service, usually for local defense.” This is what we are and what we do. We train to defend our neighborhoods and communities from any disaster that may come.

There have been many “militia” groups which are considered “run & gun” organizations or are nothing more than militaristic gangs. This is NOT who we are. If you are looking for that type of group, you are at the wrong place. We are an inclusive organization who stands against racism and bigotry of any type. We truly believe that everyone has a role in the modern militia.

We meet monthly to discuss how we may best serve our communities, and to plan training exercises for our members. Our quarterly training exercises ensure that our members remain ready as a rapid deployment group should we be called upon. The training each quarter improves group and individual skills and knowledge in order to better serve our State during times of strife.

Our membership ranges from military veterans and first responders to corporate professionals and doctors to tradesmen and laborers.

It is our belief that most everyone can be a responder in times of emergency. From “boots-on-the-ground” to administrative support; everyone has a role they can fill.

We train for and respond to natural disasters and help train our members to be able to take a lead role in assisting their neighbors to become better prepared for any disaster. Our “train the trainers” program is designed to provide on-the-fly emergency planning for communities and neighborhoods in troubled times. These future leaders are educated in communication, organization, and de-escalating tense situations in order to bring cohesion among neighbors so that communities may be mostly self reliant should catastrophe strike.

Many of our members are certified through the FEMA Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) organization and have received in depth training in first aid, securing damaged infrastructure and community service as well as search and land rescue operations. Their knowledge bridges the gap when public services are stretched thin.

When a disaster strikes, many people have no idea where to turn to for guidance in what to do. Our members fulfill that role. Our members are trained to become leaders. Our members train to supplement the emergency services in our communities. Our members train to defend their Communities, Parish, State, and Nation.

We are the Cajun Guard

God Bless Louisiana and the United States of America

Si Vis Pacem Parabellum