We are a civilian volunteer organization that trains, educates, prepares, responds to disasters, and defends

the constitution.

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We strive to partner with our local law enforcement and elected officials to ensure that we are kept abreast of where

our help can best be utilized.

We work with local and regional disaster response teams to effectively assist established governmental agencies

wherever possible.

Many of our members are CERT credentialed and active within the community CERT program.

The militia is classified as a civilian volunteer organization and therefore will carry out operations in absence

of orders as dictated by necessity during a crisis. All Cajun Guard personnel will conduct themselves with

professionalism, integrity and the utmost respect for others at all times.

It is our assertion that Cajun Guard constitutes and fulfills the role of the Unorganized Militia for the State of

Louisiana as defined by Louisiana state law.

Louisiana Revised Statute 29:3 - Militia

§3. Militia

A. All able-bodied persons between the ages of seventeen and sixty-four residing in this state and who are

not exempt by the laws of the United States of America or of this state constitute the militia of Louisiana and

are subject to military duty.

B. The militia is divided into two classes, the organized militia and the unorganized militia.

(1) The organized militia consists of the national guard, the Louisiana State Guard and other organized

military forces which may be authorized by law.

(2) The unorganized militia consists of all other persons subject to military duty.

Acts 1974, No. 622, §1.