New to the militia? - Looking for more information on joining? - Not sure how to do it?

It's simple, just follow the information provided in the guide below.

Request for more information

Send an email to and say "I want

more information on the Cajun Guard" and one of our dedicated volunteers will be glad to answer any

question you may have. Please include a valid email address and contact phone number so one of

our members can reach out to you with more information.

Attend a training event

We hold training events monthly and field exercises quarterly. If you would prefer to visit one to

get an idea of what "training" entails, that's fine, too. If you want to participate but

have no gear, one of our fine upstanding members would be more than happy to lend you some.

Generally you will need a good pair of boots for ankle support, and some type of water carrier,

either a canteen and belt, or a camelback.

Whats Next?

Be recommended by a current member, come to a meeting, state your desire to join. You will be allowed to join as a recruit for a period of 60 days to determine

if this is what you want and to give the Guard the opportunity to ensure you are not disqualified

by the By-Laws. Once the 60 day period passes and you have paid your annual dues, you will

become a full member of the Guard and can work toward advancing your training and ranking

within the organization.