Get Involved

Help make a difference

Here are ways you can help:

We hold Fund Raisers to help our community!

Whether it is to provide local police with much needed equipment, canned food for the poor and needy, reconstruction of homes for the disabled, educating our

parish citizenry on disaster preparedness and holding classes, or to simply provide simple assistance to those less fortunate, we are a power of good that must

be recognized by our community as such.

Our united efforts, large or small, will have a major impact on bringing our communities together in times of strife. So that should the Militia be needed, our

neighbors recognize us as their friends and our police see us as allies.

United We Stand.

Become a Volunteer

Non-Militia citizens are always more than welcome to become involved. In fact, we would highly appreciate public involvement. We need all Patriotic Americans

to become more involved in every facet of our Great Nation. Donating a little time to assist us in serving our community or donating your hard earned dollars to

assist us in growing as an organization is greatly appreciated.

Watch our Home Page for events around the state where we will be holding training classes, field training, public outreach, fund raising, and so much more!

It is our Civic Duty to serve our Communities.

Make a Donation

Nothing in this world is free. It must be earned or gifted from others.

We believe that the Cajun Guard is a just cause worth the donations of every day citizens. Our very existance is to defend OUR Land from tyranny

during a SHTF event.

Please, consider donating to the Cajun Guard. The membership does it's best to provide for themselves and each other, yet gear and training can get

expensive and our daily jobs cannot always provide everything needed to train everyone properly.

Thank you for your support.

We are humbled to be in this position to flourish for our Louisiana.